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Live quietly in the moment: fully enjoying the wonder and beauty of each moment"

– Paramahansa Yogananda

"The most important thing about your photographs is who you are"

― Joe  Buissin

Meet Julie

As a young girl growing up in America, it was art that linked me to my Asian culture. I even developed an appreciation for the Chinese opera my Grandmother loved. But it was the simplicity and beauty of the visual arts I fell in love with. I spent years researching and practicing all the traditional mediums; the techniques, compositions and colors captured me.

During my college years I gave into my practical side and earned my degree in Business Administration. But it wasn't long after school that I became restless and started looking for something more meaningful. My creative side was calling.

I found a lot of what I was looking for in the United States Navy. It was the Navy, oddly enough that encouraged my creativity and published my first pictures. It was the Navy that introduced me to my husband, Michael. It was the Navy that gave me the courage to step off of the competitive plane onto the creative one of photography.

Life can be funny. Mine has taken me three quarters of the way around the world. Along the way I learned a lot about art… and life. But when it comes to art, no matter what the subject or the style, it should be infused with imagination and soul; and photography should not just capture a person it should capture their essence in the moment.