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Meet Mikesa

There is so much beauty in this world and I’ve always wanted to contribute to its creation. It was this desire, coupled with my strong attraction to serve and help others that have been the guiding forces in my life. Forces that ultimately lead me to the United States Navy.

It was the Navy, where, for over eight years I honed my photography skills providing portrait, ceremony and documentary photography services to the fleet. It was my job to tell the Navy’s story with images as well as coordinate U.S. Navy support for major film, television and documentary production companies worldwide.

Serving as a Mass Communications Specialist in Amerca’s Navy has opened a lot of doors. In addition to working on productions such as “The Last Ship” and “NCIS”; the Navy has allowed me to obtain an Associate of Arts Degree in Merchandise Marketing from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising as well as continue on toward a Bachelor of Arts in Social Media.

I’ve been blessed to be on such a creative path in my life. A path that allows me to combine photography, design, fashion and marketing. I can’t wait to see what beauty life has yet to bring.